Lilja’s Sisu Menu May 12th, 2018

Wau! Liljendal’s Cafe Lilja has created an own Sisu menu for May 12th, 2018. The picture below shows the menu in Finnish but here’s a brief translation: Menu 1 Homemade meatballs Potato- / carrotgratin Pepper sauce Menu 2 Steaked salmon Hollandaise sauce Mashed potatos with parmesan

Trail Running School continues

Our exciting SisuXtrail running school continues. Come with us! April 8, 2018 at 10 am We will run appr. 15 km which is perfect practise for the next 21 km course. A shorter route is also possible. Start at Cafe Lilja, ‘Kalles rundan’ in Liljendal and this time, we’ll finish there as well. Take along…

Dec. 31, 2017 running school

On the last day of this year, we will test the ‘pirtupolku’ -trail which is a part of the 68 km track. No sauna neither shower, but good feeling and great trails! Length is about 10,6 km! We’ll meet at 10 am and start from Labbyvägen 613, FI-07870 Skinnarby, Finland

Courses for physically challenged

We have received requests for routes suitable for physically challenged. Naturally, we say YES as outdoor and nature activities should be suitable for all. Now you can find max. 2 km course suitable for physically challenged in the SisuXtrail selection. The profile(s) are confirmed later but they are more even than in other courses. See and register!

Free trailunning school starts Nov 19

Trailrunning school for all interested starts November 19, 2017 at 10 am. We’ll meet at Järventaustantie 25, FI-07800 Lapinjärvi. The next sessions are as follows: Nov. 26, at 10 am in Korsmalm, Parantolantie 76, 07800 Lapinjärvi, c. 8 km Dec. 10, at 10 am  in Korsmalm, Parantolantie 76, 07800 Lapinjärvi, c. 8 km Dec. 17, at 9.30 am in Korsmalm and start from Liljendal Lilja, c. 15 km Now is…

Children run for free

SisuXtrail is suitable for all. Our goal is to introduce this fine sport also to children and thus, they can join us FREE of charge. Spread the word – let’s go!