SisuXtrail 2020 Cancelled

After long and thorough discussions, we have decided to cancel SisuXtrail 2020 event. The next SisuXtrail will take place May 8th, 2021.

Valoa kohti!

The current Corona situation is serious. We have tried to think about alternative ways to organize the event without close contacts but could not figure out a way where the risk of contamination would be low enough.

Choose one of two alternatives

If you have registered to SisuXtrail 2020 event, please choose one alternative of the following:

  1. You will participate in SisuXtrail 2021 event.
    This requires no extra effort on your part. Your name is transferred to the list of next year’s participants.
  2. You will cancel your registration.
    If you want to cancel your participation and get your registration fee back, please write email to sisuxtrail@gmail.com. Tell us your name, class and account number and we will return the sum you have paid, as well as remove your name from the list. Please do this before May 31st, 2020. After this, we will follow our normal cancellation policy.

We are still planning the Halloween trail event next October and warmly welcome you to join us! We also continue sharing the Tips for Trail runners videos with you.

Despite everything, we wish you an energetic spring.
Take care of yourself and enjoy the beautiful forest trails